Information published on 25 August 2015 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr eNews.

An active summer for the “Train to Paris” campaign

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A great deal has happened during the summer of 2015. There are now less than 100 days left before COP21 and here is our latest news.

Climate Responsibility Pledge

Following Ban Ki-moon’s declaration to UIC members during the General Assembly, UIC has created the Railway Climate Responsibility Pledge. In the next two weeks, CEOs of all UIC members will be invited to electronically sign this pledge. This commitment by every company will be presented to the United Nations during the “Train to Paris” High Level Event on the evening of 28 November.

Modal shift

In addition to the pledge, UIC will develop a compelling narrative of real modal shift supported by a concrete base of evidence. We will build confidence that increasing rail market share can become a reality by highlighting the breadth and depth of rail projects in a Global Register of Modal Shift Projects. To support this register we have developed a short online survey and will be reaching out to request your support by registering the main projects that will help to increase your companies’ activity.

Media relations

UIC has developed several partnerships with specialised press and an international website called theverb! This online media is an environment newswire service focusing in particular on the UNFCCC process, with writers from all over the world.

UIC has already been in contact with several specialised press partners: Eurailmag, Jura, RZD Partner International, Think Railways and Railway Gazette. In addition to the national and local partnerships created by our members directly involved in the campaign, these partnerships will cover a large part of Europe and Asia.

For more information on this campaign or if you would like to publish information about the campaign internally or externally in dedicated newsletters or board magazines, etc. please contact Marie-Luz Philippe, Event Coordinator: philippe at

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