Creative brief

From Copenhagen 2009 to Paris 2015!

Let’s continue our journey!


The Train to Paris project concept takes inspiration from the positive experience of the UIC “Train to Copenhagen (Climate express)” realised by UIC, CER and their members in December 2009 for the UNFCCC COP15. The UIC was created in 1922 to harmonise and improve conditions for railway constructions and operations through the world and now has 200 members across all 5 continents.

That initiative can be considered a success, for many reasons, both from a communication and a “political” point of view. It has been appreciated by key stakeholders like UN, EU officials, national governments and NGOs and it has contributed to highlight in the media and the general public the positive contribution of the railway business in fighting climate change, more than any other campaign, conference or press release organised in the previous years.

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Train to Paris

The UIC co-ordinated campaign “Train to Paris” that will bring thousands of delegates including national governments, NGOs, decision-makers and journalists from across Europe and Asia by train to Paris for the COP21 United Nations Conference on Climate Change to be held end of 2015 in Paris. The campaign will highlight to the general public and the authorities rail as the back bone of sustainable transport and raise awareness of the importance of developing more sustainable transport systems.

This event will examine the role of rail and the wider issue of sustainable transport as part of the solution to address climate change.

Speakers and guests for the evening event and on the trains were selected to balance representation from a range of constituencies (passenger/HS/freight, private/public sector, IGO/NGO, gender, geography, etc.)

Together let’s keep transport on the low carbon track, let’s build a more sustainable future.
Let’s take the Train to Paris!

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Facebook page: Train to Paris
Twitter: @trainCOP21
Instagram: traintocop21

Key messages

  1. More sustainable transport systems are essential to achieve the climate change 2 Degrees Scenario – the time for picking sector winners is over

  2. An integrated approach required – combined action is needed to avoid GHG emissions, shift transport to most efficient mode and improve environmental performance of fuels + vehicles

  3. Transport Policy matters – it is not feasible to devolve transport to discussions on energy and cities

  4. Co-benefits needed to be taken seriously - Transport can benefit greatly if sustainable development co-benefits are taken more seriously by the UNFCCC process

  5. The transport sector can’t ignore pre-2020 ambition & action – Transport activity in many cities in the developing world will almost double between now and 2020

  6. UNFCCC mechanisms must encourage action in all sectors - Transport should be better integrated in technology and financing mechanisms under the UNFCCC

Timeline & main stops

DB Berlin via Frankfurt
Thalys Bonn via Brussels
NS Rotterdam via Brussels
FPC / RZD Beijing /Ulan Bator via Moscow
Eurostar London
SBB/Lyria Bern / Geneva

Most trains will arrive in Gare du nord or Gare de l’est

from the afternoon Welcome at UIC

Key note speeches

Signing ceremony

High Level panel discussion: Reception at Pullman Hotel to

Ideas & recommandations

Spread messages about a sustainable future for all generations, for a more sustainable future where rail plays a crucial role

  • Illustrate best practises
  • Illustrate keywords
  • Illustrate a glossary
  • Illustrate the event live at UIC
  • Illustrate the event on trains/in stations
  • Illustrate the event for « posterity »
  • Regular basis collaboration for the website and/or social networks
  • Live artist for the 28th or on the trains
  • Live artist doing a frieze during the event or one shot performances
  • Art works that could go on each train before the journey
  • Artistic photos or videos on the trains, during the live event for scenography


  • Visibility on an international level: on the trains, website, social media, media, etc.
  • Visibility with the general public
  • Visibility during high level events
  • Durability of the deliverables with members, the UIC
  • Long term commitment for other events (List of UIC events:


Deadlines will depend on the project, particularly if it is a regular basis project.

For propositions: By the end of Summer 2015 or before

For deliverables: November 28 or before


Content in English and/or in the local languages if needed

Give authorization to UIC to translate content if needed