EES Core Group meeting (Berlin, 14 September 2011)

The Core Group of the Energy, Environment and Sustainability (EES) Platform, chaired by Joachim Kettner, Head of Environment at Deutsche Bahn, met at the kind invitation of Deutsche Bahn in Berlin. The group provides strategic guidance to the EES platform, reviewing progress on projects and budgets, and also provides a link between UIC environmental research activities and CER lobbying actions in Brussels.

The meeting on 14 September focused on the results of the Opt-In process so far and planning for staff and project resources in 2012. The group also discussed the work of the several Expert Networks that make up the EES platform (Energy & CO2, Noise, Emissions and Sustainable Mobility) and agreed plans for the next Platform meeting on 11 October 2012.

The Group also provided feedback on the proposals for UIC activity at the Rio+20 summit in June 2012 and the next UIC Sustainability Conference planned for October 2012.

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