“Train to Paris” campaign: D-117 before 28 November 2015!

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Are you wondering what the actual routes of the Trains to Paris will be? Just take a look at the map created for the campaign.

As trains converge from the Northern and the Eastern parts of Europe, Russia and Asia, Southern Europe will also take a symbolic journey to the high-level event to be held in Paris on the evening of 28 November.
Trains will depart from Rotterdam, Bonn, Brussels, Berlin and Frankfurt, and the train crossing Asia will depart from Beijing on 18 November with main stops in Ulan Bator, Irkutsk and Moscow, before heading to Paris. An incredible journey that we cannot wait to share!

In the run-up to COP21, we want to share how railways connect people to the world. To do so, the “Train to Paris” team has created an Instagram account to post pictures of the campaign online.

Do not hesitate to follow and tag #traintocop21 when you post pictures of trains and railways in your everyday life, on your way to work or during your holidays – even more so if your pictures show a sustainable touch!

For more information on this campaign, please contact Marie-Luz Philippe, the Event Coordinator: philippe at uic.org

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