Eress Forum held on 25 May 2016 in Madrid

The Eress Forum was held on 25 May 2016 in Madrid, where over 150 experts from Railway Undertakings, representatives from Infrastructure Managers, manufacturing companies, EU and national policy makers, journalists and suppliers exchanged their experiences and points of view.

This edition of the Eress Forum presented the links between energy consumption and measurements and the opening of the railway market, including the best cases in energy efficiency improvements. In addition, the forum presented the latest experiences in the implementation of energy metering systems on board (detailed programme here).

The conference was opened by Terje Stomer from Eress. Frank Jost of DG Move provided the keynote speech presenting the opening of the railways of Europe for competition. Other relevant speakers from ERA, EIM, CER, and rail companies at European level provided the latest information of ongoing projects and activities on the topic.

The morning session included a presentation on energy consumption and CO2 emissions of railways in the world by Marine Gorner from the International Energy Agency (IEA), presenting the latest data included in the IEA-UIC publication Handbook on Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions (latest publication).

In the afternoon, Bart Van der Spiegel from Infrabel gave feedback on the latest activities for updating UIC leaflet 930 “Exchange of data for cross-border railway energy settlement” and the next meetings planned for 2016.

In the same panel Gabriel Castañares Hernández from UIC introduced the advantages of the standardised formats of communications for connected Driving Advisory Systems (DAS) in an open discussion for the participants and the potential advantages of the SFERA project presented at the latest Opt-In UIC process.

ERESS is a European partnership for railway energy settlement systems, integrated by Banedanmark, Infrabel, Jernbaneverket (JBV), Trafikverket, Finish Transport Agency (FTA), SBB and Vivens (Dutch railway energy procurement cooperative). Eress is a non-profit organisation, jointly owned by its partners, committed to the development, implementation and supply of the energy settlement solution called Erex.

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