Information published on 22 July 2021 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr eNews.

First coordination meeting of the recently appointed Chair and Vice Chair of the UIC Latin American Region

Last 13 July 2021 the first coordination meeting of the new Chair and Vicechair of LATAM region was held online.

During the meeting it was present Marc Guigon, Director of the Passenger Department and Coordinator of the Latin American Region as well as José Villafañe, new Chair of the Region, Joubert Flores, new Vicechair of the Region and Vanessa Perez Miranda, Senior Advisor for the Passenger Department and for the Latin American Region.

During the meeting Marc Guigon welcomed and congratulated Mr. Villafañe and Mr. Flores for their new position. Both of them expressed also their satisfaction and their willing to cooperate in the development of the UIC Latin American Region.

During the meeting it was highlighted several times the importance of developing the region. Mr. Guigon explained that the first action would be to better know the needs of the region in general and of potential members in particular.

Mr. Villafañe explained that a meeting with ALAF members will be organize in the following weeks to listen to their needs and expectations regarding UIC. He also invited Mr. Flores to participate in these meetings.

Mr. Flores added that we will get in touch with passengers’ operators but also with freight operators in Brazil. He also suggested to reinforce the link with other international organizations and stakeholders of the region.

Mr. Guigon clarified that there is also the need to explain what it the added value of begin part of the UIC as international association with actions in all the important issues related to railways from the passengers, freights, sustainability, rail system infrastructures, etc…. UIC has also the capacity to bring together international experts in all the areas.

The participant agreed on the idea of working on the strategic vision of the region on the Horizon 2050 and to work together in concrete actions to be developed in short term like the workshop already organized in July 2021 and the one to be organized 25 November.

For more information please contact Vanessa Perez Miranda, Senior Advisor for the Passenger Department and for the Latin American Region at perez at

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