Italy: Sustainability Engineering: FS Italiane at RemTech Expo


22 September 2020

Mobility tailored to people and places: this is the focus of the panel on the sustainability of integrated mobility by FS Italiane at RemTech Expo, an international event exploring issues relating to climate, sustainability and infrastructure, taking place until 25 September as part of the Festival of Sustainable Development.

As highlighted by Lorenzo Radice (FS Italiane) and Nicoletta Antonias (Italferr) during the session dedicated to infrastructure sustainability, the FS Group’s strategy focuses on quality of life through the creation of integrated transport works and services capable of enhancing people and places. With this in mind, FS Italiane has adopted a model of governance that effectively translates its idea of sustainability: infrastructure designed not only in accordance with the principles of traditional engineering, but also supported by engineering sustainability, a new model oriented towards environmental sustainability, economic compatibility and social innovation.

Infrastructures thus become active components of landscape structuring and urban regeneration processes so as to respond to the needs of the community and generate value by triggering new dynamics of social and economic development.

(Source: FS)

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