Luxembourg: Climate-friendly bonds: Deutsche Bahn honored as green company

Luxembourg Stock Exchange includes Group in new window for particularly eco-friendly issuers - DB CFO Holle: “It gives our investors certainty that we are a reliable partner for sustainable mobility”

Taking the train protects the climate. As does investing in the rail company’s bonds. Deutsche Bahn is the only German company to be included on the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) in a new window for particularly climate-friendly issuers that was unveiled today by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. “We feel very honored to have been selected. It will give our investors certainty that DB is a green company and a reliable partner for sustainable mobility,” said DB’s CFO Dr. Levin Holle.

The new window of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange is called “LGX Climate Aligned Issuer” and was developed by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange together with the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI). At its launch, it featured 24 companies with particularly sustainable business models, including the French rail company SNCF, for example. Within the new window, DB is rated at the highest level ("fully aligned"), with a green factor of 99%. This means that portfolio managers will be allowed to classify 99% of their investments in DB bonds as “green” moving forward. “We appreciate the way the Luxembourg Stock Exchange makes a thorough assessment of an issuer’s sustainability profile. This rating means a great deal to us and our investors, as it makes us even more appealing to the rapidly growing group of investors focusing on sustainability,” said Holle.

The new window is part of the Luxembourg Green Exchange, which was founded on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange in 2016. The platform is the first one in the world to be dedicated exclusively to green, social and sustainable financial instruments. The burgeoning, green stock exchange is today regarded as the global market leader in this sector, being home to almost half of all listed green bonds. Luxembourg’s stock exchange is also a pioneer in the certification of sustainable financial products. Deutsche Bahn is listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange represented by its financing company Deutsche Bahn Finance GmbH.

International rankings regularly confirm DB’s role as a protector of the environment, most recently in December 2020:

(Source: DB AG)

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