New tools and insights to optimise infra-capacity, deal with disturbances and improve train services

Apply the skills and knowledge needed to deal with the multifaceted aspects of railway systems. Join this online programme and improve your strategies and decision making in the design, operation and performance of both infrastructure and rolling stock | Special discount for UIC members.

To keep trains running, improve services over time and offer faster and more comfortable travel, the rail industry needs professionals with the knowledge and skills to support innovation and provide sustainable and low-cost solutions. This entails the smart use of resources and the ability to meet the demands and requirements of all stakeholders involved. To do this successfully, professionals in and around the rail sector need not only to master their own area of specialisation, but be able to understand railway operations from a broader systems perspective.

A systems approach
Using an accessible and flexible way of learning, this online programme helps you understand how all the interfaces relate, affect each other and influence the system, so that you can deploy more efficient ways of planning and implementing operational and maintenance strategies. This will ultimately have an impact on your daily work, your projects and your decisions regarding investment, innovation and optimisation.

This programme, developed by leading researchers from the Delft University of Technology and industry experts, was launched in 2019 and continues to be endorsed by industry leaders and railway professionals worldwide.

With this unique programme rail professionals learn to apply an integrated railway systems approach to help them implement the appropriate innovations required to optimise maintenance time, costs and safety.” Taco Sysling, Head of Civil Engineering, Department of Asset Management at ProRail, Netherlands.

In railway related companies the overview of the whole railway system often and easily gets lost because of its sheer complexity. Innovation needs the full picture, I enrolled in this programme to get this comprehensive knowledge in a short time span.” Marco Langwadt, Bogie Equipment Innovation Engineer, Germany

Special Discount – Year of Rail
This year, in the context of the European Year of Rail, UIC members are entitled to a €100 discount on the full programme starting on 1 September. Join us and experience this new, interactive approach to online professional education. Use the discount code railX100 to enrol.

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Online Programme: 4 career-oriented courses – Starting on 1 September

  1. Track and Train Interaction - Download syllabus
  2. Real Time Operations - Download syllabus
  3. Performance over Time - Download syllabus
  4. Capstone Project - Individually guided project that integrates the knowledge and skills gained from the first three courses.

With an on-demand and weekly workload of 4-5 hours, you can follow this programme wherever you are, alongside your job or studies.

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