RSSB hosting webinar on the Rail Carbon Tool

RSSB Rail Carbon Tool provides the GB Rail industry a tool for infrastructure projects to measure, manage and ultimately reduce the GB railway carbon footprint. Embodied carbon emissions represent a significant proportion of whole life carbon for railway assets.

RSSB is hosting a free webinar on the Rail Carbon Tool. The invitation extended to international railway counterparts as a unique opportunity for anyone who is interested in the functionality of the tool. They can attend the demonstration and gain a better insight of the tool that RSSB is promoting for use within GB rail industry.

The demonstration is to share learning as the Rail Carbon Tool is licenced by RSSB for GB rail activities which means that RSSB is unable to register any organisations or users outside of the GB rail industry on the tool. For further information and to register please visit:

For further information please contact Michelle Papayannakos:

Michelle.Papayannakos at

View online :