Information published on 26 May 2021 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr eNews.

Save the date: UIC organising a full week to focus on the role of rail and public transport in a sustainable mobility system between 31 May and 5 June

The International Green Transport Week will coincide with the United Nations World Environment Day on 5 June and the European Union Green Week within the framework of the European Year of Rail.

By means of daily themed messages, UIC will showcase the sustainability credentials of rail, as well as its members’ ambitious plans to lead in a green and just recovery and tackle global environmental challenges.

A video and information will be uploaded to the event webpage at noon each day:

Monday will see the launch of the International Green Transport Week with a vision for rail in 2030: on track for a decarbonised and sustainable transport sector. UIC and UITP will publish a joint message on the central role of public transport in this “decade of action”.

On Tuesday, messages will focus on the EU Green Week theme of zero pollution and UIC’s and members’ work to reduce noise and vibration emissions.

The focus on Wednesday will be on rail as an energy-efficient and low-carbon form of mass transport, highlighting what the industry is doing to make it even greener and to lead the transition to a decarbonised world.

On Thursday, best practices in relation to the circular economy in rail companies will be shared, revealing some impressive resource efficiency.

On Friday, in support of the UN World Environment Day on 5 June, messages will focus on the topic of biodiversity and ecosystem restoration, showcasing UIC projects that will contribute to this important topic.

Don’t hesitate to follow the International Green Transport Week each day on the event webpage and on social media:

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