UIC participated in the Climate Action Summit in Washington

As part of the agreements concluded in Paris during the COP21 Conference, the United Nations – in partnership with the World Bank – organised a Climate Summit in Washington, aiming to formalise these agreements, to measure company actions and to implement them.

To this end, UIC and its Director General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux were invited to take part in several round tables where Mr Loubinoux had the opportunity to reiterate the commitment of the railway sector above and beyond the efforts undertaken to move forward in the area of decarbonisation, energy reduction and modal shift.

All this is part of a long-term policy which aims to optimise complementarity with other modes of transport, which was also presented in Washington. A televised interview was also used to widely disseminate the messages of UIC. The latter was very well received both by the bodies responsible for organising COP22 – where UIC will also be present – as well as the new partners of the World Bank.

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