UIC participated in the second ITF consultation meeting on “Women in Transport” held on 23 January 2019

This meeting follows a joint work effort launched at the 2018 ITF Summit and is handled within the UIC Fundamental Values Department by the Security, Sustainable Development and Safety Units.

In 2018, the UIC Security Network of Quick Responders was used to give feedback on actions taken by its members, and the results were published in the ITF brochure “Women’s Safety and Security – a Public Transport Priority” under an article “Women’s Safety and Security in the Railways.”

In 2019 the goal of the second consultation was to bring together key stakeholders in preparation of the May 2019 ITF Summit.

Two main ideas were addressed:

  • The place of women employees within rail companies (gender equality)
  • Women as rail users (security, safety, sustainable development, education, awareness)

The 2019 ITF Summit on Transport Connectivity for Regional integration will be held from 22 – 24 May in Leipzig, Germany.

Within this framework, the UIC Fundamental Values Department will study the topic globally with its members and proposes to work on “Better appropriation of rail by women as a preferred means of transport, using a societal and cross-cutting approach.”
The Security, Safety, Sustainable Development and Training Units will collaborate to work on this topic, regarded as a key issue for the sector.

Beyond the technical aspects linked with transport connectivity, the confidence that customers place in rail transport, and particularly women (their perception of reliability, comfort, safety, security and convenience of rail) should be reinforced compared to other modes), have to be taken into account to improve the efficiency and attractiveness of the rail system.

For further information please contact

Carole Escolan-Zeno, Manager of the UIC Sustainable Development Unit: escolan-zeno at uic.org

Bernard Penners, Manager of the UIC Safety Unit: penners at uic.org

Virginie Papillault, Senior Security Advisor: papillault at uic.org

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