UIC participates in Climate Chance Summit and the Second World Forum of Alliances and Coalitions Workshops in Agadir


UIC and UITP co-hosted the event Linking Global Initiatives to Concrete Actions on the Ground with Rail and Public Transport. The event was moderated by Nick Craven, Head of the UIC Sustainable Development Unit.

On this occasion, Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, presented UIC’s international presence and work as the representative of the worldwide railway community. Philip Turner from UITP emphasised the importance of building partnerships and the work of associations as a great leverage for action. Florence Cousin from SNCF, French railways, spoke about modal shift and door-to-door solutions. Sandra Laquelle from CODATU presented the MobiliseCity initiative. Following this, Salima Rahmaoui from Alstom discussed the environmental certification of Alstom’s company. The panel was then joined by Wei-Shiuen Ng from ITF, to bring the OECD perspective to the topic.

Later in the day UIC co-hosted an event on adaptation of infrastructures with the National Centre for Road Studies and Research (CNER), part of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics of Morocco. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux presented the UIC RailAdapt project and its international perspectives. Antoine Rothey from SNCF addressed the topic of adaptation and railway sensitivity to weather. Ali Sadiqui from ONCF, Moroccan railways showed how ONCF is dealing with resilience and adaptation. Finally, Mohamed Oumessaoud and Rabbab Eddeqaqui from the CNER showed how Morocco is working for adapting road and road works to climate change. To conluded, Stefanie Shom, presented the road map for sustainable mobility in Morocco. Rosine Zadi, moderator of the event, pointed out, after the discussion with the audience, the importance of a multi stakeholder cooperation that is needed – especially for north/south and south/south relationships – in the context of understanding and implementing adaptation plans.

Second World Forum of Alliances and Coalitions held from 13 – 14 September 2017

UIC participated in the Second World Forum of Alliances and Coalitions.
This meeting was the occasion to get an overview of the work of the Marrakech Partnership and COP23 preparation. Mr Salahedinne Mezouar, President of COP22 and Mrs Hakima El Hait, High-Level Champion participated in this event.
During parallel workshops, the development of the Yearbook for Climate Action was discussed, with seven main topics: land use, oceans and coastal zones, water, human settlements, energy, industry and of course transport. Key achievements and success stories by sector were highlighted and key messages for the Yearbook identified.

The communication roadmap and its priorities for COP23 as well as the recommendations and perspectives for 2018 were also addressed.
COP23 will host thematic days, including one dedicated to transport on 11 November 2017. UIC along with other stakeholders will actively participate in this day with high-level events.

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