UIC Sustainable Door-to-Door Solutions


In 2018, the UIC Sustainable Mobility Expert Network launched the global project “Passenger railways and sustainable door-to-door solutions”. The goal was to define a new mobility offer, developing a methodology and a policy framework, based on collective experience of members and stakeholders, to address passenger satisfaction for a sustainable door-to-door mobility focusing on accommodating, new, innovative, disruptive and sustainable mobility and technologies.

This project can benefit from all Members and is led with the support of the Sustainable Foundation in Rome, Italy.

After a fruitful year of work with a successful first workshop in Warsaw, Poland, in November 2018 and the finalisation of the preliminary report in 2019, that we encourage you to consult, UIC stepped into the second phase of the project: engaging key stakeholders and collecting best practice in 2019 with a dedicated questionnaire that you can find here: https://uic.org/events/uic-sustainable-door-to-door-solutions-questionnaire

The upcoming results from the questionnaire will be crucial to make the railways heard in general and will be the main subject of the final report and presented during workshops and a dissemination conference.

Whether or not an organisation may have dynamic activities on door-to-door solutions, do not hesitate to have a look at the report and answer the questionnaire as we also are interested in knowing what the challenges of UIC Members in order to start planning such projects. UIC would like to receive your initial input and feedback ideally by the end of June 2020.

We strongly value the experience of UIC Members regarding this topic and we look forward to hearing from you.

For further information please contact Marie-Luz Philippe, Senior Advisor for Sustainable Development & UIC Middle-East Region:
philippe at uic.org

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