Workshop on Connected-DAS and Meeting of the UIC Experts Network on Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions

On 1 March 2017, UIC held a Workshop on Connected-Driving Advisory Systems (C-DAS). The Workshop was hosted by Deutsche Bahn at its BahnTower headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

This workshop brought together Railway Undertakings, Infrastructure Managers, DAS manufacturers and several other stakeholders to discuss the status and the perspectives of Connected-DAS in railways.

The workshop started with input from the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA), presenting the activities of the Agency concerning C-DAS and Automatic Train Operation (ATO).

The programme continued with a series of round tables: in the first, manufacturers such as TransRail, Knorr-Bremse and AVP Technologies showcased their solutions for C-DAS. After lunch, it was the turn of Infrastructure Managers and Railway Undertakings to present their experiences and their needs, focusing on why they need a Connected-DAS with respect to a standalone DAS. The round tables included presentations from DB Netz, ÖBB, Infrabel, Trafikverket, SBB, SNCF and NS.

In the last session of the day, the workshop featured input from other projects: a demonstration of RailML, results from the ONTIME project (in particular regarding deliverable 6.1) and a presentation by Comillas University on communication for energy metering.

After the end of the Workshop, several UIC member railways participated in the kick-off meeting for the SFERA project, a UIC project aimed to standardise the communication with Connected-DAS systems in order to facilitate interoperability among manufacturers, Infrastructure Managers and Railway Undertakings.

All the presentations of the workshop are available for members in the Sustainability Workspace of the UIC Extranet.

On the next day, 2 March 2017, the UIC Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions Experts Network held their first meeting of the year, also at the Bahn-Tower in Berlin. The meeting featured a discussion on indicators to report greenhouse gas emissions, with the collaboration of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) as guest speaker; an update on the political situation in Brussels provided by the Community of European Railways (CER) and a report on UIC activities such as the “Sustainability in Stations” Project and the revision of Leaflet 930.

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