Workshop on Energy Efficiency to be held on 11 February 2019 in Rotterdam

The UIC Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions Experts Network is happy to invite you to take part in the workshop “The role of Infrastructure Managers (IMs) in Traction Energy Transition” that will be held on 11 February 2019 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Following the previous Workshop on Energy Efficient Infrastructure, this workshop will focus on the projects developed by IMs to improve energy efficiency and decarbonisation of traction energy and to accompany railway undertakings to reduce the use of diesel traction. Thus, this workshop will also focus on energy storage innovations and their best combination with the railway network.
Finally, actors from the energy market have also been invited to talk about their point of view in the frame of optimising the electricity network with railways for renewable energy.

Workshop Highlights

11:00 – 17:00, Lunch 12:35, Coffee break 15:15

Improving traction system

  • Higher voltages for OCL
  • Norwegian experience
  • New Direct Current Medium Voltage railway electrification system
  • Supra-conductor cable for reduced energy losses during transport

Energy storage

  • Battery development and super-capacitors
  • Substations
  • SNCF & Japan experience (to be confirmed)

Replacing diesel traction by less emitting traction systems

  • Defining best line configuration
  • Hydrogen refuelling facilities (to be confirmed)

External point of view of DSO or TSO: Balancing changing market with more renewable and more need of storage; possible roles for railway


To register for the workshop and to consult a detailed agenda, please follow the link below:

For any further information please contact Philippe Stefanos, Energy, Environment and Sustainability Advisor:

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